As a family-owned and operated company, Châtel Farms was built on a belief in sustainability, traceability and animal welfare.
Our Promise
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The Best Care for Our Cattle

We handle every aspect of production, from the birthing and raising of calves up until the finishing of cattle. Our commitment to outstanding animal welfare ensures that our livestock are humanely treated and that the products you receive are of the highest quality, 100% all-natural and free from added hormones and antibiotics.

Committed to Quality

Châtel Farms is dedicated to providing pasture-raised, grain fed, natural* beef throughout the year. We take the time to choose genetically pure Angus and American Wagyu cattle and provide them with a healthy diet consisting of lush grass pasture, natural forages and a custom blend of locally sourced grains. All of our cattle are DNA sampled and carry electronic identification (EID) tags so we can maintain detailed individual animal health records and provide 100% transparency in all of our farm practices.
Committed to quality

No Added Antibiotics or Hormones, Ever

With Châtel Farms you get truly natural* beef. To us natural* means beef that comes from cattle that have been raised without antibiotics, growth-promoting drugs and supplemental hormones. Raising cattle in this manner allows them to grow slower at a natural pace. This slower growth rate allows the cattle to add intra-muscular fat (marbling), and it is this marbling that gives our beef its distinct rich, beefy flavor. So, whether you choose from our USDA Prime and Choice boxed beef, portioned cuts or ground beef, you’ll get an eating experience that’s absolutely delicious.

We are Stewards of the Land

We are committed to raising our livestock in a sustainable way. Sustainable has many different meanings, but for us it means that throughout our processes we return to nature what was taken from nature. We grow much of our cattle feed on our Central Georgia farm, the same farm where the cattle are raised. Having the feed on the same farm significantly reduces our carbon footprint and affords us the ability to compost manure as a fertilizer source. By-products generated during the harvest process are captured and returned to the farm and used again as a fertilizer source, thus removing them from local landfill and eliminating the need for chemically sourced fertilizers. We truly believe that the cattle and the crops we produce are the future of our company and a bright future is only possible if we properly respect and care for the land we own.
We are Stewards of the Land


Châtel Farms was founded some 20 years ago by legendary beef expert, Francois Leger. Francois always dreamt of owning and operating his own ranch, raising genetically-certified Angus and American Wagyu cattle on over 1,100 acres of pristine pasture. His no-nonsense approach to sustainability, animal welfare and attention to detail in every aspect of the cattle raising process is what makes Châtel Farms Angus and American Wagyu beef an amazing beef-eating experience. One taste, and we think you’ll agree!