• Whole Wagyu Tenderloins are HERE!

    We are so excited to offer our Whole Wagyu Tenderloins to customers! From now through the end of September, they are $30 off! No promo code needed!

  • The true meaning of Pasture‑to‑Plate

    Start to finish, it all happens on one ranch by one company – Châtel Farms

  • Our Promise

    Châtel Farms is dedicated to providing pasture-raised, grain fed, natural beef throughout the year.

  • Superior Angus flavor that really stacks up

We are committed to raising our livestock in an environmentally responsible way. By processing our cattle at our own facility in Augusta, Georgia, instead of sending them across the country, we drastically reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the quality of our products. 

Pick your Pleasure

Curious to know where the major cuts of beef come from? Every part of the primal is known for its own unique marbling and taste. Whether it’s grilled, broiled, sous vide or smoked, there’s amazing flavor in every cut of a Châtel Farms steak.