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Ground Wagyu Beef

Our 1lb packs of American Wagyu Ground Beef 75% Lean/25% Fat ship frozen with dry ice to ensure quality and wholesomeness upon arrival to your home. Our American Wagyu Ground Beef is a blend of American Wagyu and Angus beef to give you the Wagyu flavor and great Angus ground beef texture that you love!

We recommend thawing the ground beef in the refrigerator 24-48hrs before cooking. Our ground beef is simply delicious by itself but is also great to use for meatloaf, meatballs or pasta sauce, or to make your own homemade patties!  USDA recommends cooking all ground beef products to well-done, minimum 160-degree internal temperature. All of our beef is wet-aged a minimum 14 days. Wet-aging increases tenderness and enhances the beef’s deep, rich flavor.



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Wagyu vs. Angus?

What is Wagyu?

At Châtel Farms, our herd consists of Japanese heritage, full-blood Akaushi bulls. Akaushi is a Japanese cattle breed that was imported to the United States in 1994. Since then, their numbers have grown but remain somewhat exclusive and limited in availability. Many in the industry refer to Akaushi as the “Emperor’s Breed,” and it is one of four breeds that fall under the common name of Wagyu. These red-hided cattle are known to produce highly marbled beef with a unique beefy flavor and buttery texture. Wagyu also boasts high levels of the “good fats” like Omega 3 and Omega 6, which results in truly healthy beef.

What is Angus?

Angus is a well-known cattle breed in the United States. Angus are renowned for producing tender beef with a rich flavor. However, not all Angus are created equal! The Châtel Farms Angus cattle are raised in a vertically-integrated process that starts with superior genetics, a low-stress environment, and high-quality feed. We are dedicated to delivering superior Angus beef that you can count on.

The Châtel Farms Prove it Promise.

Our name is our quality promise. As stewards of the land, we take the time to raise and care for animals in a humane and stress-free environment which results in better quality beef. Our staff come from diverse backgrounds, from growing up on family farms to graduating from animal science and veterinary programs. These dedicated Châtel Farms team members are focused on caring for the animals, the land, and producing high quality, wholesome products for their families and yours. At Châtel Farms we guarantee the tenderness, superior quality and safety of our beef products or your money back.

Our name is our sustainability promise. We know that the land and the animals provide us our jobs and feed our families. Without these resources, Châtel Farms would not exist. That is why we challenge ourselves every day to be more environmentally responsible than we were the day before. We utilize the latest technologies to return more nutrients to the land than we take by fertilizing our crops and reducing our water usage through state-of-the-art manure and water recycle systems.

The Châtel Farms name stands for superior quality, tender and flavorful Angus and Wagyu beef that is raised responsibly. What we do isn’t easy, but we believe it’s the right way to raise cattle to provide exceptional beef that we can be proud of. So, when you see our name, you know it’s a name you can trust. And we can prove it. Promise.
Chatel Farms beef cuts on wood cutting board

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