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Choice Angus Bone In Filet Mignon

Imagine our tender Filet Mignon, but with added flavor from a bone - wow! Our Choice Angus Bone In Filet Mignon offers a tender, flavorful, and juicy experience like no other. 

Our 11 oz Choice Angus Bone In Filet Mignon ships frozen with dry ice to ensure quality and wholesomeness upon arrival to your home. 

We recommend thawing the tenderloin tips in the refrigerator 24-48hrs before cooking them to your liking. To enjoy the great taste of our tenderloin tips, we like to use a dash of salt and pepper to sear the tender tips quickly in a hot skillet for your favorite stir fry or as kabobs on the grill. All of our beef is wet-aged a minimum 14 days. Wet-aging increases tenderness and enhances the beef's deep rich flavor. 



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